Changes in the CKAN Tech Team

We welcome new faces to the CKAN Tech Team, and say bye to two long-standing contributors

Brett Jones and Patricio del Boca

The CKAN Tech Team is happy to officially welcome its two newest members: Brett Jones (@kowh-ai) and Patricio del Boca (@pdelboca). They have both been involved in the maintenance of CKAN for a long time and have made valuable contributions across different areas.

Brett is a DevOps Engineer and CKAN Contributor at Link Digital. Now based in Berlin, Brett has spent the last 29 years working a number of varying roles with the most recent focus on container technologies, build automation, bespoke toolsmithing, application performance monitoring and data engineering. In the last 2+ years he has been regularly involved in the CKAN community and made a number of contributions to CKAN, mainly in the DevOps area.

Patricio is an Information Systems Engineer working as a Senior Software Developer at the Open Knowledge Foundation. He is an Open Data and Civic Technology enthusiast and a proud member of Open Data Córdoba. He enjoys working on Civic Tech projects and data analysis and is a big fan of the Open Data movement, as well as an amateur photographer.

While welcoming new faces, we also say good bye to David Read (@davidread) and Tyler Kennedy (@tktech), who after many years contributing to the CKAN project, have moved on to other endeavors. We wish them luck in their new adventures!

You can see the current members of the CKAN Tech Team in the Community page of the site.