CKAN activity

  • David Read
  • 20 Apr 2021
There's lots going on in the CKAN world. Here's the news from the last couple of weeks plus a selection of new datasets that have gone up at
  • CKAN's language support is massively boosted, thanks to the work of supporters worldwide. Newly accessible in Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian and Catalan, CKAN is now accessible in all of the top 12 languages spoken in Europe, although a few of those are not yet complete. Try out switching language at ! To help us complete the translations, sign up for your language at:
  • Ira and David went to the Open Data Meetup in London and particularly enjoyed meeting with some public bodies looking at CKAN to help with publishing their open data. There is a strong feeling that CKAN being open source avoids getting locked-in to a big supplier's system.
  • The Czech community instance now features a tag cloud: Ondrej requested it and it just needed David to switch it to use Apache Solr search - the cloud takes advantage of the nice faceting feature.
  • The open Government Datacamp in Warsaw is this week and Ira, James and David are heading there tomorrow, ready with CKAN talks and workshops. It seems that anyone who is anyone in data - from big cheeses to those at the coal face - are going to be there. Very exciting!
  • The Data Preview feature has been given a boost, with auto-graphing in the dataset page. It's got a few rough edges still, but try it out on a CSV file, like this:
  • The Geo-spatial CKAN features announced by Adria have been causing a buzz on Twitter (#ckan). Adria followed up with an open skype meeting to discuss further work. Now a couple of able supporters are joining in, with work on the map widget and full-blown CSW serving.
  • has the 'groups' feature switched on and some interesting catalogue groupings have shown up - such as all the US data catalogues, official EU ones and 23 CKAN instances around the world: . Richard Cyganiak suggested (on ckan-discuss) showing the data catalogues on a map, like at and Adria is looking at the logisitics of this.
  • Webstore, our cloud structured data hosting for CKAN only launched in beta one month ago and now hosts over 200 datasets! These are registered in along with all the externally hosted datasets.
  • The OKF Command-line CKAN tool 'datapkg' has been renamed to 'dpm' and version 0.9 now released. It features a single command to upload a CSV and associate it with a dataset. The full announcement from Rufus is imminent.
Sample of new datasets at