Datapkg 0.8 Released

  • Rufus Pollock
  • 20 Apr 2021
A new release (v0.8) of datapkg, the tool for distributing, discovering and installing data is out!
  • Release: <>
  • Docs: <>
There's a quick getting started section below (also see the docs).

About the release

This release brings substantial improvements to the download functionality of datapkg including support for extending the download system via plugins. The full changelog below has more details and here's an example of the new download system being used to download material selectively from the COFOG package on CKAN.

download metadata and all resources from cofog package to current directory

Resources to retrieve will be selected interactively

download ckan://cofog .

download all resources

Note need to quote *

download ckan://name path-on-disk "*"

download only those resources that have format 'csv' (or 'CSV')

download ckan://name path-on-disk csv For more details see the documentation of the download command: datapkg help download

Get started fast

1. Install: (requires python and easy_install)

$ easy_install datapkg

Or, if you don't like easy_install

$ pip install datapkg or even the raw source!

2. [optional] Take a look at the manual

$ datapkg man

3. Search for something

$ datapkg search ckan:// gold gold-prices -- Gold Prices in London 1950-2008 (Monthly)

4. Get some data

This will result in a csv file at /tmp/gold-prices/data

$ datapkg download ckan://gold-prices /tmp Find out more » -- including how to create, register and distribute your own 'data packages'.


  • ResourceDownloader objects and plugin point (#964)
  • Refactor PackageDownloader to use ResourceDownloader and support Resource filtering
  • Retrieval options for package resourcs (#405). Support selection of resources to download (on command line or API) via glob style patterns or user interaction.